Dog Walk Skin - 3 Sections 12" x 12'

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This is a 3 piece set of skins for a 12' Dog walk. Skins are a great way to refurbish or to simply upgrade the contact surface of a teeter. Utilizing our wet pour process we have developed a way to make strong durable skins. Each section of skin will cover a 12" wide by 12 long section of the Ramps and center section of a dog walk.

Venue recommendations:

  • AKC - 42" contact zones with slats
  • USDAA - 36" contact zones with slats
  • CPE - 42" contact zones with slats
  • UKI - 36" contact zones with slats
  • NADAC - 36" contact zones without slats


  • Contacts offered in teal or yellow
  • Main area come in blue, green, purple, red, teal or black or a mixture.
  • Stocked in yellow (contact) and blue (main) ready to ship.  Special color orders available which ship in 10-14 days.

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