Contact Trainer

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Contact trainer fills an important role. Once side of the trainer is a short A-Frame that can simulate the approximate angle of a Full size A-Frame while the other side narrows down to a dog walk and teeter width. Built as solidly as our competition level equipment you will get many years of use out of our contact trainer.

Our contact trainer are designed with safety first then for long lasting, heavy duty use. The grade of our contact trainer can be used at a training center or even your back yard.  The extreme strength & integrity of the ramps is the same for the smallest dog to the largest or heaviest dogs. The height is quickly and easily adjusted by changing the length of the galvanized steel chain.

Construction: The metal frames are made with strong yet light weight metal. 100% Composite decking material is used for the surface which gives you extended durability and longevity in all weather. The chain is galvanized steel.

Finish: Metal is sand blasted, primed then powder coated. Composite decking. We then apply a rubberized coating to improve traction and safety for the dog (weight 85 lbs)


  • Contacts offered in teal and yellow.
  • Main area in blue, teal, red, and purple.
  • Special color orders can be provided. Black is available only in rubber.

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