Aframe - Competition Size 3' x 9'

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Our A-frames with Composite decking are made for the rigors of being used outside. By using a composite deck instead of wood (whether it is marine grade or not), we all but eliminate the problem of water damage associated with wood exposed to the elements. Composite decking will not rot and has weight saving and strength benefits.

The top surface is a TPV "wet poured" rubber surface. Our rubber surface has a proprietary finishing technique to provide a textured high grip running contact. Our slats are designed with a half moon shape to eliminate toe injuries which right angle slats incur. 

Standard Venue Requirements:

  • AKC - 42" contact zones with slats
  • USDAA - 42" contact zones with slats
  • UKI - 42" contact zones with slats
  • NADAC - 42" contact zones with no slats

Colors Choices:

  • Contacts offered in teal and yellow
  • Main area offered in blue, teal, red, and purple, black and mixes.

Construction: Welded Steel frame, Aluminium polymer composite deck material.

Finish: Metal is sand blasted then powder coated, Composite deck is textured with our wet pour TPV rubber 

Height: Adjusts by changing length of the galvanized chain.

Venue: By selecting the appropriate venue will determine the contact zone size and the installation/positioning of slats (we use each venues latest regulations for this information). 


  • Contact offered in teal or yellow
  • Main area in blue, green, purple, red or teal
  • Special color orders can be provided


      Aframes will need to ship freight. Please contact us prior to order to confirm a shipping cost. Our website cannot process freight quotes. Our shipping quote will include shipping to your closest freight terminal or commercial business location. We can arrange shipping directly to your home for an additional $75 cost. 

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